ATOLL 400 SERIES - The Ultimate Sound

ATOLL CD 400 - Exemplary Design and Sound. The non resonant case used in this product  is made of massive aluminum panels and a 10mm font panel. The Philips CD Pro2 mechanism is decoupled from the case by 4 helical supporting mounts and a steel plate support. This greatly enhances the accuracy of the laser and the error correction circuits. This construction greatly improves the musical timbres and treble reproduction. The use of dual dacs, ie one per channel, greatly reduces crosstalk between channels and considerabley improves dynamic range and signal to noise ratio.  



  • Top loading Philips CD Pro 2 Mechanism for CD,CDR & CDRW   
  • Dual Burr Bown 1795 DACs. One per Channel. 132db Dynamic Range   
  • Differential Output Stage   
  • 2 Transformers. 170VA toroid for Audio 15VA for Digital.  
  • 8 Regulated power supplies   
  • Differential Output Stage   
  • XLR and RCA Outputs   
  • Digital Inputs: 1 Co-ax + 1 Optical.   
  • Digital Outputs: 1 Co-ax + 1 Optical.   
  • Remote Control  

ATOLL IN 400 - Exemplary Design and Sound.  

This amplifier was conceived for optimal musical reproduction and visual perfection. The chassis is made from 2mm steel. Its lateral fins are designed to optimally dissipate heat from within the case. In addition to the above the front plate has been moulded from 10mm sheets of solid aluminium into order to minimise vibrations and maximise heat dissipation too. This amplifier is a dual mono design thereby reducing cross-talk and inter-modulation distortion to infinitesimal levels.


Each component in this product has been rigorously selected for its sound quality and reliability. All to offer a top quality product that reproduces music in a realistic, fluid and natural way with sufficient power at points in the frequency spectrum.


 400 Alu



  • Power: 160w / 8 Ohms 300w / 4 Ohms  
  • Power Supply: 1015VA / 93400uF  
  • Structure: Dual Mono  
  • Output: 8 MOS-FET transistors / Channel  
  • S/N Ratio > 100db  
  • Distortion at 1kHz < .05%  
  • 5 Line inputs  
  • Optional Phono Card or DAC  
  • 1 XLR Line input  
  • HT Bypass  
  • USB B input  
  • Remote Control  
  • Also available in matt black





ATOLL Power Amplifier AM 400 160+160W & Pre Amplifier PR400 - Exemplary Design and Sound.



Details available on request.